Bring’em Back!

see moreMarking the end of a ten-year odyssey, Award Winning Filmmaker Phillip Donnellon tells a story of almost mythological proportions about the removal of the humble conductor from the city’s trams and with a group of former and current trammies discusses a vision for the future. What shall it profit a city if it loses its soul?

Tram Conductors once known as the soul of the city were replaced by an automated ticketing system during a period when politicians and economic rationalists worldwide were transforming Societies into Economies.
Former tram conductors and tram passengers discuss the roles the connies played aboard the trams and a new vision for the future. The subjects of this film hope the reintroduction of a next generation tram conductor will not only right a wrong from the past but will help stem the rising tide of civil unrest as our community travels into an increasingly uncertain future.  see more