Kiss of Art series, Vols. 1 – 7

see moreThe series “Kiss of Art” is about a romance between art and technology, it is a tale of a human in love with a machine. Each episode attempts to capture the fleeting moment of fascination and genius present in the process of artistic exchange.

Volume 1:  Challenges and Choices (Bio – Ecological – Art Commentaries)
Volume 2:  Hallucination and Landscape (Ambient Sound Sculptures)
Volume 3:  Generation Next (Knowledge Engineering and Evolutionary Programming)
Volume 4:  Corrupt Mythologies (Glamorized violence, Consumerism and Sense of wonder)
Volume 5:  Animated Identities (Disguise, Resistance, Fear and Liberation)
Volume 6:  Intuitive Interfaces (Gentle human touch or close proximity)
Volume 7:  The Intimacy of Touch Screen (Conscious technology – anything can happen)