UBU – Sydney Underground Movies 1965 – 1970

Ubu Films was formed in Sydney in mid-1965 by Albie Thoms, David Perry, Aggy Read and John Clark – the group adopted the name of Alfred Jarry’s main character (Pére Ubu) from his legendary 1896 satirical play Ubu Roi.Emerging from the restrictive conservatism of Australia’s post-war period, Sydney’s vibrant underground culture would provide the seeding ground for creative experiment – it was within this environment that four like-minded individuals would form one of this country’s most unique cultural partnerships.
This digital collection of selected 16mm films made by the Ubu Films group presents a unique opportunity to reconsider the wealth of invention that signifies one of the most important cultural periods in Australia. In a sense, Ubu’s film screenings became a form of social celebration amongst a young radical community which the films emanated from. See more