Paul Winkler Films 1980-1983

Paul Winkler Collection Volume 3.
(1979, 15 mins), Taylor Square (1980, 19 mins), Sydney-Bush (1980, 14 mins), Urban Spaces (1980, 27 mins), Ayers Rock (1981, 21 mins), Brick & Tile (1983, 14 mins), Traces (1983, 29 mins)
Paul Winkler (born 22 June 1939) is a German-born Australian filmmaker. He was associated with Corinne and Arthur Cantrill, Albie Thoms and David Perry in pioneering local experimental film production in the 1960s. Winkler characterises his films as “a synthesis of intellect and emotion, filtered through the plastic material of film”. “I try to let ‘imagines’ flow freely to the surface”. See more