Black Comedy alla Pulcinella by Antonio Fava

Little Opera in words, Lazzi and Music in the style of the Neapolitan Commedia dell’arte.  A real deal: an original performance with an internationally acclaimed Italian master, Antonio Fava.
Premiered in Brisbane in 2010, the performance presents  authentic Italian Comedia scenerarios, centered around the famous character, Pulcinella. Pulcinella is one of the typical characters of Commedia dell’Arte, one of the over two hundred variations of ‘zanni II’, the ‘foolish servant’. Pulcinella in this sense, is only a name just as ‘Arlecchino’, Franceschina, ‘Truffaldino’, ‘Traccagnino’, ‘Tabacchino’, Zagna, Zezza, and so on are simply other names for ‘zanni II’. See more


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