The Nude in the Window

PT-Nude1How did a young Dutch photographer end up in Australia opening a studio on Punt Road, Melbourne? How did he become the Paul Cox we know today? What part does Photography have to do with Paul’s way of creating and filming?
One afternoon Peter Tammer, a friend of Paul Cox since the late sixties, visited Paul in his Albert Park home. This video is a record of the informal chat which took place at Paul’s kitchen table.
What you see is intimate, engaging storytelling, a cheeky ‘burst of light’ touching many subjects across decades and across continents. Peter Tammer, himself an Australian independent filmmaker, made these memories even more alive by carefully choosing images and film clips from Paul’s body of work; photographs such as the “Nude in the Window”, and many clips from Paul’s less well-known films such as “Calcutta” and “Island”.


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