The Active Centre

The Active Centre Cover-page-001The Active Centre is not just one more book about voice. It is a guidebook for strengthening core relationships and for dealing with the inevitable conflict that is inherent in character development and in the actor’s ability to transform’ (Joan Melton, PhD, ADVS).
Performing is not an easy feat. There are many things going on when performing: remembering dialogue, lyrics and moves while making them fresh performance after performance; being aware of the audience, but not making it obvious that you are aware of them; being aware of themselves in space and time, but making sure that the ‘ego’ is out of the way; and allowing that conscious mind to step aside during performance so that a more interesting unconscious presence emerges, but on the other hand, not loosing it all together, as it is necessary for monitoring the performance in order to gage its success (or failure). Take all that into account and then add a little bit of nerves.


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