Kalasam mainThe KALASAM is the arrangement of a brass or silver pot filled with water, holding a coconut amongst mango tree leaves at its mouth. It’s regarded as auspicious and used to initiate Poojas and invoke the Goddess Shakthi in the local culture. When the women started saving for contingencies again, as their predecessor had done for generations, they wanted to do so in an auspicious manner in the name of the God so that it will continue and flourish. They decided to give the name KALASAM for their saving group, collect saving and work with this name in Madurai area.

As an alternative from moneylender politics, women organised themselves gathering money funds to be borrowed on turn, to face hard times or to start small enterprises at the village, according with the local resources, still on wage basis: this is the core of MICROCREDIT. In the countryside north Madurai we meet a dress making: the girls can sew their saree blouses by sewing machine. A Mother and daughter prepare mango pickles. Not far a sugar cane field, the juice is processed and boiled with a fire burning the waste. In a nearby village the rice is cultivated then separated from the fibre that animals can eat, and pre cooked to be stored for one season.

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