Secrets of the Great Wall

2The Great Wall of China, even if it is not visible from the Moon, as is often proclaimed, is still the most important architectural site ever built by Man. First intended as a strategic defence wall against violent attacks by nomadic Mongols, it effectively unified an Empire of gigantic proportions. In its hey days, it was close to 6000 kilometres long. Although today only about 20% of it is in its original form, it remains a fabulous witness to the Empire’s History.

Through three compelling documentaries with breathtaking aerial photography, the viewer encounters folk of China’s Northern provinces, where the Wall is located. They are quite different from ordinary Chinese citizens. We’ll meet these Northern men and women, whether Buddhists, Taoists or Muslims, whose fate is intimately linked to this timeless landmark. Rarely filmed, they are proud of their unusual and sometimes curious but always surprising customs and traditions.

In the first part of the series, we learn about the first Emperor, Qin Shihuandi, founder of the Empire. We’ll look at its origin, always through the eyes of passionate Chinese citizens. With the second film, we’ll be with those who represent the eternal China, with their traditional life-styles and edgy outlook on today’s world. Finally, in the third film, we will look at the place the Wall fills today in China’s consciousness, and how its memory is relevant to contemporary Chinese people.

Volume 1: At the dawn of the Empire

Volume 2: Artisans of the eternal China

Volume 3: The Great Wall’s heritage



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