“Art/Life: The Futurism Revolution” is the first Futurist documentary on futurism-dvd-3dFuturism. Reenactments, international scholars and critics, hitherto unpublished archive images and works of art. A graphic opera, with new subjective and emotional viewpoint.

Filippo Tommaso Marinetti tells the story in the first person about the birth and evolution of the Futurist Movement and its visionary impact on art and society from the early 20th century until today. Dynamicity. Simultaneity. Speed. This is how the docudrama tells the story about the Futurist Movement, focusing on the intensity of communication in order to involve and surprise the spectator. To Marinetti, communication, in every form, was the fulcrum of the Futurist Avant-garde, the lever with which to revolutionize early 20th century society: every expression of creativity could be, and had to be, Futurist.

A true break with the past, illustrated with the works of the protagonists: from Boccioni to Balla, from Sant’Elia to Depero and the many others who joined the movement. The representation of a cross section of the European society of the early years of the century, and the explosive impact the Movement had on thought and on art.

Access to Marinetti’s family archives and the collaboration of Balla’s and Severini’s foundations and several museums granted an exclusive archive of images and factuals. Above all, the historical-scientific coordination of the poet’s granddaughter Francesca Barbi Marinetti, permitted the personal first person storytelling with accurate work of research and scriptwriting.


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