“Jacques Lecoq was one of the greatest mime artists and perhaps more importantly one of the finest teachers of acting in our time. Lecoq’s school in Paris attracted an elite of acting students from all parts of the world. His concentration on the aspects of acting that transcend language made his teaching truly international. His own performances as a mime and actor were on the very highest plane of perfection; he was a man of infinite variety, humour, wit and intelligence.”
Martin Esslin, The Guardian



These two 45-minute documentaries chronicle the teaching methods of Jacques Lecoq with students at his Ecole Internationale de Theatre de Paris. Part one deals with the role of the body and movement. Part two illustrates Lecoq’s use of play in his creative dance process. Also interviewed are many, now well-known, former pupils.

A bonus documentary, Words and Roots, features interviews with Lecoq about the sources and influences which led to his work.   Read more…



“In theatre, Lecoq was one of the great inspirations of our age. Not only did he show countless actors, directors and teachers how the body could be more articulate; his innovative teaching was the catalyst that helped the world of mime enrich the mainstream of theatre.”  Kenneth Rea


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