Four dancers from Israel, Spain and Italy decide to take part in a cultural project and investigate the stories of  refugees from Pakistan living in camps outside Berlin.
A reflection about the possibility of the body to tell stories, deleting social and ethnic distinctions, and connecting people from different groups.

The project focuses on the work of the dancers who decided to take part in the performance “Connecting Fingers” that had its premiere in Berlin at the English Theatre in June, 2015. The show shares stories from some refugees who live or have lived in camps outside Berlin. The refugees were interviewed about their personal lives, and they shared private anecdotes and political situations they experienced. Read more…

“I thought there was a possibility to represent the refugees’ individual stories through dance, and more than this, I wanted to see how my dancers could get closer to those stories and use their personal experiences to give them a voice through their bodies.

The decision to work with dancers was made because body language is universal and can build a bridge between different cultures. The body has very communicative powers: it talks about human beings, it deletes social and ethnic distinctions, and connects people from different groups. More than this, it has a special gift: memory.

The challenge of this documentary is to connect the audience with the subject through this kind of memory. Bodies have their own way of portraying stories: they create dialogues without words, silence without the absence of sounds.”   Daniela Lucato, Director


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