Mats Ek’s Goodbye

As we recover from emotions the New Year stirs up, and while we gather ourselves after seeing Sylvie Guillem’s last «Bolero», we receive the news of two other great artists leaving the stage — Mats Ek and his muse, Ana Laguna. What does it mean for a choreographer to bid farewell to the stage? Most probably, that no new work will be developed, and also, what is even more tragic, that Ek will not be controlling the quality of production of his old works. In other words, all of Mats Ek’s pieces are leaving the theatre along with him, wherever they might be playing at the moment. We hope you managed to catch his «Apartment» at the Bolshoi. 

In 2015, the great Swedish choreographer celebrated his 70th birthday, 50 years of which he spent in the theatre. We can probably understand his desire to clear his schedule and allow for unplanned meetings. Of course he might be a little disingenuous when he says it is not a goodbye, just an evening of good dance. ‘Never say never’, he adds. However, this decision, taken two years ago, still seems the most logical to him. He does not trust assistants with his work, though many do work that way, as he explains, he feels the need keep everything under his own to control. Alas he does not feel like doing that anymore, he is tired.

“I was on stage for 50 years. It is better to stop before someone makes you. Life is longer than work.” .

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