The challenge

Artfilms accepted the challenge to participate in the European Project, V4Design, which is called to exploit all the State-of-the-Art technological means so as to re-use and re-purpose existing heterogeneous multimedia content and inspire and support the design, architecture, as well as 3D and VR game industries.

In a world where visual and textual data are in abundance, creative industries have been building a path between art, communication, media and other technology driven industries.
For Artfilms, venturing in cutting edge technology meant that we had the opportunity to learn how a technology based project develops from the beginning and later through workshops and collaborations. We were interested how this technological project can open up new prospectives for film makers, photographer and creative multimedia artists.

Right from the beginning of the project editors, film makers, drone experts working with Artfilms skimmed through hundred of footage from the Artfilms archive and identified visuals suitable for 3D “make-over”. The task to provide usable footage for the technical team turned to be more difficult and complex as we initially thought. Yesteryears’ film makers and cameramen did not have necessarily reasons and/or funding to build a dolly or a motorised track and create footage suitable for 3D reconstruction.

Here is definitely a new challenge for artists: the opportunities to connect to game designers, software developers, technological inventors are infinite.

Ideas to collaborate: Architecture, urban design, land design, interior design, furnishing and many more.

Find out more of V4Design website: