Contemporary Arts Media – Artfilms

is a boutique film business representing artists and art organizations. We produce, co-produce and distribute films for art education to academic and public libraries, schools, colleges, galleries and speciality shops. Contemporary Arts Media was already successful when big businesses still thought that art wasn’t sexy.

The name Artfilms is associated with contemporary art, cutting edge performances, artworks which are stretching boundaries, installations, experimental art and visionary artists. Founded in 2000, CAM is now listing more than 5000 titles and streaming 2000 from the platform

The stakeholders of our company are artists, art organizations and indie filmmakers

Curriculum without borders

Artfilms in the world

Artfilms is about artists, movements, and concepts today which students and the next generations should know about. About the artist visionaries who inspired the world through the decades and centuries. Our content is for the open-minded and for the curious – whether she is a teacher or a student.

Our content: It is beyond the curriculum, it is for educating the imagination