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  Subscribe to Artfilms-digital and watch hundreds of films about artists and art processes on your smart TV, computer, iPad and mobile devises. 24/7. Contemporary Arts Media – Artfilms is a boutique art business. We produce, co-produce and distribute films for education to academic and public libraries, schools, colleges, galleries and specialty shops.   Although … Continue reading

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Dear Follower, you have probably noticed in the past weeks that you received an unusual number of notifications from us. This is because we are currently updating the design and information on our blog Your Artfilms. Thank you very much for your patience so far, we promise it won’t last long, until we catch up … Continue reading

Ulf Langheinrich – The Aesthetics of Sensory Overload

These DVDs are a unique compilation of the works conceived and created by Ulf Langheinrich between 2002 – 2010. His projects utilise photography, sound and video, light, and technology, to create sensory environments that seek to question the conventions of multimedia. The videos in this compilation are based on original HD videos that often have … Continue reading

The Third Space

1) The DVD is a compilation of exercises that consolidate body, voice and imagination which have grown and developed since the Voice Theatre Lab inception in 2006. They have been refined through thorough extensive research, practice and exploration. 2) PDF A comprehensive booklet that details the exercises, plus other useful information, accompanies the DVD in … Continue reading

Raga Revelry: A Journey Through North Indian Classical Music

A 2-DVD documentary and companion study tracks, in English, Raga Revelry is a fun, accessible introduction to the centuries-old tradition of North Indian Classical Music, colloquially referred to as Raga music. Listeners and music practitioners benefit by having the structures of Raga (melody) and Tala (rhythm) exposed, making this eternal sound accessible to any ear. … Continue reading

Visionaries 21 : The Music Machines by Bosch&Simons, 1989-2012

The DVD set is a unique compilation of the works conceived and created by Peter Bosh and Simone Simons between 1989 – 2012. Inspired by the physicist Nikola Tesla’s legendary experiments in 1896, Bosch & Simons have produced a large series of works based on vibration and resonance. They created installations in museums, at International … Continue reading