To Have Mostly Done with the Judgement of God

This is a film of Ozfrank’s theatrical essay that smokes out the text of Antonin Artaud’s radio play: To have done with the judgement of god. Directed by John Nobbs and Jacqui Carroll, this work is a surreal homage to the insane, but often perceptive mind of Artaud, the French madman/genius. Artaud’s eccentric and poetic … Continue reading

The Love of Don Perlimplin

This is Ozfrank’s film of Lorca’s fey and mysterious short play of the same name for a cast of three women and one man. Jacqui Carroll has reshaped the text somewhat and shot the film primarily from the point of view of Perlimplin himself. Perlimplin’s servant Marcolfa, his wife Belisa, and Belisa’s mother all directly … Continue reading