Voyages Botanical – Christine Johnson

This film is a snapshot of the work of Christine Johnson, a unique visual artist who shares her passion for plants and fowers with journalist / film maker Marianne Latham. Growing up next to a large park, Christine Johnson had an early fascination with plants and flowers. There were roses, forget- me-nots and delphiniums and … Continue reading

GOLUB – Late Works are the Catastrophes

“One of the few films about a painter that actually captures the art making process in all its complexity.” The work and times of the American artist, Leon Golub. Begun in 1985, the film ends with Golub’s death in 2004, taking us from searing images of interrogations and torture to the ironies and dark humor … Continue reading

Waterproof – Graham Dean

The films are artworks themselves interpreting the emotional, sensual process of painting in a cinematic language. Using a technique he calls ‘’reverse archaeology’’, Graham Dean re-invents the traditional uses of watercolour resulting in a unique technique. Contrasting layers of paint are applied separately on thick, handmade paper from Southern India. Each sheet has undergone a … Continue reading


“The artist simply gives shape to his own dreams.” – reads from Rodin’s personal journal. Three times he applied for admission to The Academy of Fine Arts and he was three times refused. But as a forefather of great modern sculpturehe found his own way to represent and dramatize the human body. This feature-length documentary … Continue reading


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