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River of Art

LIU Yu was born in the northeast of China in 1919. Today he lives in Taiwan with his daughter and they are both passionate about drawing and painting. After his wife’s death, LIU decides to undertake with his daughter a journey in space and time, through places which marked his life as a young artist. … Continue reading


Secrets of the Great Wall

The Great Wall of China, even if it is not visible from the Moon, as is often proclaimed, is still the most important architectural site ever built by Man. First intended as a strategic defence wall against violent attacks by nomadic Mongols, it effectively unified an Empire of gigantic proportions. In its hey days, it … Continue reading

everywhere art_artfilm

Everywhere Art

Art in public spaces once consisted of statues of royalty and monuments to war heroes, explorers and the wealthy, but all that has changed. Art now celebrates and enhances all our lives in a way it never has before. Everywhere you look solo artists, commissioned artists, artists working with architects and undercover artists with spray … Continue reading

Sometimes when I fall I fly

you are naked, so am I

Daniela Miszkinis is a visual artist and practising art therapist and counsellor. She is focusing on painting in oils from life, in particular portraiture, still life arrangements, interiors and painting from figure. Always working directly from life, without reference to photographic material, Daniela creates paintings based on the premise that the sitter’s psyche can be … Continue reading


The KALASAM is the arrangement of a brass or silver pot filled with water, holding a coconut amongst mango tree leaves at its mouth. It’s regarded as auspicious and used to initiate Poojas and invoke the Goddess Shakthi in the local culture. When the women started saving for contingencies again, as their predecessor had done … Continue reading

Peter Weibel – Körperaktionen Bodyworks 1967-2003

“Most performance artists developed their actions from painting, or to be more precise, from action painting, to which they also remained visually and conceptually bound. My performances differ from other actions performed in the 1960s, for instance in Vienna and California, firstly, through their relation to media and secondly, through their relation to politics. Writing … Continue reading


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